New Event Announcement: Walker Hordes


What do you think the entire game is?


It’s like Plants Vs Zombies… Interesting


Thought the same. And the design of packs, cards and stuff looks like hearthstone.


New feature sucks and corny…:joy::joy:
Just as bad as territories.

This new event is easily skippable but of course… scopely will tie certain rewards to it… to force people to play. :man_facepalming:t5:


A event that finally makes sense for this game and looks to be pretty fun.


It’s really not fun. I know it just released but I’ve played it enough to know its rather boring. Fun the first time you touch it sure… but afterwards :sleeping:


Yeah man you right this isn’t fun enough. Let’s go parkour on the Verrazano bridge and bungee jump off it from the top!


It is only a cash grab if you spend.

Anything new is welcome but peeps will still find anything to nitpick and complain about. It is inevitable.


Detailed as the post is, it’s still very vague on several aspects.
I half-read it yesterday and was cautiously optimistic upon seeing that opponents would be from the same league as me, assuming it was a solo event.
Then I re-read it and that optimism gave way as I noticed it was a faction one, because given the matchups we’ve gotten in Onslaught it’ll just be like getting fed to the top 5 in CRW. Then re-read it again and realised that nowhere in the post does it actually state if this is exclusively solo, exclusively faction, or will vary between the two.

The only mention of faction is that you’ll be able to open more packs as your faction scores more points, but you can get faction trophies from several different events, be they solo or faction, so that doesn’t really clear things up. Also that it’s “similar to War” in that it’s a multi day event, but so are solo ones.

If it is exclusively faction-based then how will opponents be chosen? Will it be similar to Onslaught where you’re matched with a particular faction within the league and are restricted to players within that, or will it be similar to raids where you just get random opponents? If the event fluctuates between faction and solo versions, will the player pool change from faction to solo leagues or always be one or the other?

Is there a time limit per match? Does it cost energy per action or energy per match? Will damage to your team carry over between matches? Will you be informed if your defense was beaten? Does getting beaten have any effect on the event, i.e. war, you have to repair (or in this case revive) or onslaught, no effect?

I like tower defense games in general so I’ll certainly give it a shot before writing it off, but I’d prefer more info on it beforehand. Although I will say I’m not thrilled to see yet another currency introduced in horde tokens, all that means is a further dilution of rewards in other events.



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That Yumiko is a beast and is highly slept on. I just discovered here when I was doing an all blue SR map.


I been saying that will make me quit the game. Even if they do decap resist I am leaving the game I promise that


Is this a new league or does it use the same league standings that we already have? If it uses the same league, it looks like some packs are opened as you go up through the league rank levels, will these lower league ranked packs be immediately available or are they gonna have the same bugs that side missions have been plagued with?


Typical misdirection like the magician who waves a wand so you don’t pay attention to his other hand doing the trick.

“Here is something new, please ignore all the old stuff we haven’t fixed yet”


Maybe the update will fix some bugs.



So is this the new region for whales that JB was going on about or has that been forgotten