New Event Announcement: Walker Hordes


A new Tournament with a brand new mode of gameplay is coming to Walking Dead: Road to Survival! Get ready to harness the power of the dead in the new event, Walker Hordes, as you send hordes of Walkers against your enemies!

Walker Hordes is currently in Beta and will be released to all players in the 19.0 update at the end of March.

What is Walker Hordes?

Walker Hordes is a new Tournament that puts you in control of the walking dead! Walker Hordes allows you to command a horde of Walkers to attack enemy players within your League. Specialized Walkers and powerful Command Cards are obtained in card packs and can be used in various combinations to create unique and devastating attack strategies. Points and League Trophies are earned for every enemy you kill, so even bringing a single enemy down is worthwhile!

In designing this feature, the Road to Survival team’s main goals have been to provide new and interesting gameplay, unlike anything else currently in the game. We are hoping that this brand new set of nearly 50 Walkers and Command Cards will stretch your skills and provide fresh, rewarding experiences! Another major goal has been to provide new and interesting ways for you to use your existing Fighters. Creating a team of Fighters to defend against Walker attacks is bound to produce some creative and unique walker-killer team compositions going forward!

How does Walker Hordes Work?

Walker Hordes is a recurring event (similar to War) that will be active for a few days at a time.

The Walker Hordes Tournament Consists of 3 major areas:

1. Obtaining Cards
2. Combat
3. Scoring and Rewards

1 - Obtaining Cards: Walkers and Commands are represented by cards obtained in card packs which refill over time. At the beginning of the event, every player will receive a “Starter Pack” which contains the essentials for competing in battles. More packs can be opened over the course of the event in the “Cards” menu.

The higher your League, the more packs you can open, allowing you to compete more effectively against high-tier teams. You’ll also be able to open more packs as you and your faction score more points during the event. If you need more cards faster, you can always skip the refill timers using Horde Markers (see below). Cards can also be purchased directly in the Card Shop using Horde Markers if you really need a specific card. Cards obtained during a Walker Horde event are only usable during that specific event. Players will rebuild their card inventory every event, which should allow players to get exposure to a wide variety of cards over multiple events. The design team’s goal is for each card type to be valuable in the right context. It’s expected that not every player will have access to the same cards, and learning how to use random cards most effectively in different combinations is a big part of the fun!

Horde Markers are a special currency used in Walker Hordes to skip card pack timers and buy individual cards in the Card Shop. It can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Rewards: Prepare for Walker Hordes by competing in other events! Horde markers will be given as rewards in other features, such as Roadmaps, milestone rewards, and rank rewards.
  • Duplicate Conversion: if you get more than the maximum number of a certain card from a card pack, those duplicates you receive are automatically converted into Horde Markers.
  • Purchase: you can buy it in the Card shop with Coins.

2- Combat: Walker Hordes combat is unlike any other combat currently in the game. As the attacker, you can drop walkers on the field and use Command Cards to affect the match in various ways. On your Defense Team, you can arrange powerful Turrets and Terrain to protect your fighters against other players’ hordes.

Turns in combat follow this order:

  1. Player Turn: place walkers in the lanes on either side of the field, or use Command Cards to trigger specific effects.
  2. Walker Turn: the walkers move forward and attack if possible.
  3. Enemy Turn: the enemy defense team takes their actions, starting with the Defense Turrets.

Walker Details: Walkers in this feature have some key differences from Walkers elsewhere in the game, including:

  • Crit Resistance: Walkers have a percent-chance that they will resist a Headshot! Some walkers have higher Crit Resistance than others.
  • Move + Attack: Walkers in this feature can move and attack in the same turn, unlike in other features.
  • Roles: Walker “roles” identify their most common use-cases.
    • “Fodder” Walkers have low stats and are primarily used to absorb attacks and mob opponents with crowds of Walkers.
    • “Attack” Walkers will deal more damage.
    • “Tank” Walkers have higher DEF or HP and can take more hits from enemies.
    • “Support” Walkers normally have special abilities that will help other walkers be more effective.

Scoring: at the end of a match, you will receive points for every enemy you kill, and your score will increase dramatically for every fighter that remains dead when the match is over. Unlike other features, a match can have 3 outcomes:

  • Defeat: if no enemy fighters are dead when the match is over.
  • Enemy Lines Broken: if some, but not all enemy fighters are dead when the match is over.
  • Flawless Victory: if all enemy fighters are defeated.

Note: Walker Hordes gameplay can be quite challenging, depending on your League and the strength of your opponents. For tips on strategies and how to use the various cards most effectively, see the Walker Hordes Strategy Guide.

Rewards: like other Tournaments, players will receive valuable rewards for reaching point milestones, as well as for achieving certain ranks at the end of the event. Walker Hordes battles and Rank Rewards also give a substantial amount of League Trophies, so be sure to compete in this event if you really want your League score to soar!

Defense Teams: Your Defense Team will be responsible for defending against other players’ Horde attacks, so it pays to have some Fighters available that are strong against Walkers. You will earn points when your defense team successfully repels an enemy horde, and points earned increase with each fighter who remains alive at the end of the match. In addition to Fighters, you can also set up 2 Turrets and 2 Terrain Hazards to deter Walker attacks. These special units are available to everyone as part of the event. Each has a unique effect on combat and can be used to support various defense strategies.

League Rules and League Rewards

Walker Hordes teams and restrictions can vary depending on the League that you are in. As you move up in Leagues, new cards will be unlocked, new card packs will become available, your units will get stronger, and the Tournament rewards will increase!

The opponents you face will also come exclusively from your League Bracket. This means that your Leaderboard is considerably smaller than in other features, and you could see the same opponents multiple times during the event! As a result, it pays to get to know their defenses.

When is Walker Hordes arriving?

Walker Hordes is now in Public Beta and will launch globally with the 19.0 update at the end of March. We’re excited for Walker Hordes’ debut and hope you and your Faction enjoy the new experience!

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Personally if you throw in a blitz and onslaught a month I wouldn’t mind it being the AOW weekend. You’d have pretty good calendar variation there


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Sounds like a lot of fun to me. Glad the team is experimenting with completely new kinds of combat modes, and I hope we see more in the future (maybe soon we’ll get human battles with more than 5 [or 6] characters per team. Might be an interesting experience, if a bit unbalanced)