New Elite Gear Map doesn’t give out Gear Drops

These new gear maps with 1 wave is nice, problem is the new maps are unfarmable, they no longer give out gear drops like the old maps did previously.

Last stage gives drops.

The last stage still drops an extra box with gear. Not every time before updating the map, but received the extra box 8 times out of 10 runs even without faction support characters.

Who needs elite rare gear lmao

I do the map 1 time. It’s not like the old farmable gear maps. Kinda like the change, I get to pick what I want.

Umm everyone needs gear even if it’s elite gear lol


Back in the good old days we could farm certain stages for guaranteed specific gear.

Then Scopley took that away and made an RNG box that was farmable on the last stage.

Now the RNG gear box isn’t a guaranteed drop even with one Drop Lead???

0 step forward and 5 steps backwards Scopley :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


i have thousands of elite rare gear pieces

Doesn’t sound like you level up much stuff. Pic or it isn’t true lol

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Elite Rare gear never was a guaranteed drop, you needed double drop lead to make sure you get it.

I level up a lot of stuff.
Sorry I’m not wasting elite gear on 4 stars .

I do.

Good for you.

Really? Guess I was very lucky (or not notice) when I was using just my own drop lead.

Yeah, that’s quite possible if you’re farming it a lot; it would still give you a drop occasionally - rarely when you have bad luck, but in the long run I’d guess somewhere around 50-75%ish.

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The previous version of elite gear after the 1st run through would only give a crate with double drop leaders.

having 1 drop leader was about 10% chance of getting one crate, and using a salvage token id esitimate possibly 0.01%

You really need to LU😂

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