New Dr. Stevens in depot

Just got an in-game message about a 5* Dr. Stevens being added to the supply depot. He’s brand new too, hopefully he’ll be ascendable.

Specialist: Guardian
AR: All teammates get +40 crit for 2 turns. All teammates regain up to 60% of their max HP and gain 20% bonus HP.

But how long will we have to wait for him to pop up???

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Is he ascendable?

not ascendable but he should have been

Too bad the meta makes him nigh useless, he would have been a nice fun toon to pair when I could run SR Zeke and not get trucked by turn 2

Are you nuts he’s not useless, he’s perfect for Survival Roads daily and tournaments, at my level, sr road #277, enemies have over 2k attack and trust me, a guardian that can raise crit and up by 20% is gonna be def appreciated…im ecstatic he’s available in the survival depot as I have pts to buy


I can’t remember this, but does bonus HP carry over stages? I’m like 80% sure someone mentioned it does.

Ah, your right…i was referring to a more War/Raid centric format.

For world events and sr…hes a damn solid medico.

SR side

Waves yes, stages no

SR Doc, hes SR.

Got a mailer in game about it and everything.

Waves yes stages no

I would feel very upset if they ascended him before OG SR toons.

Had some multi tool knives in wait for such an occasion, will probably grab him when he pops on extreme, seems useful for SR.

does he need knives to level up as jesus and zeke?

needs 7 of them

he aint worth anything i keep buying adens.

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yea as long as he is not ascendable, not worth the effort since you need to buy knives aswell.

who would spend 450k pts on him when u have darlen or war zek.

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Hes a more useful edition since hell be great for walker teams farm teams and sr purposes so he’s still relatively useful in my opinion