New Douglas comming soon?

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Little bit lackluster, but he’ll do nicely.


Soon can mean a lot of things. For Scopely, soon is said to be within the next few months, and is actually within the year, like last year’s ascendables. Probably why they didn’t bother to release a list :man_facepalming:

It’s as if legacy toons are the norm now for lvl up rewards. Two months ago was Eric, and now Douglas. Two blues in a row.

What’s next?

Marlon n Rosie, Anna, or Jesus aren’t legacy.


Would be nice to keep his rush with defense and crit. Looks to be nothing amazing but definitely a decent ranged guardian 2 for f2p.

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Sorry weird flex guy, I was referring to top toons to claim. Not those rubbish ones.

Can they ever pick a different name for the ar? It always has the words derision, ridicule, or restore.

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You’re clearly referencing that “legacy toons are the norm for lvl up rewards,” when Eric is the only one out of 6 characters that fit that description.

Eric was the “top toon to claim”, but so was Marlon n Rosie and he wasn’t a legacy.


to bad marlon not that good on hes own

Soon means 2 hours and 12 minutes in that case.


next museum collection … 8000 points

Still gonna stand by what I say when 2 out of the 3 events have had legacy as the top toon to claim.

P.S. Good job removing my posts :wink:

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Who’s the other two ?

Yellow beta and red davie

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Yellow Beta !?! Didn’t we just had one last event ?


Douglas is the 3rd tier prize for this set of collections, not the top tier. Not sure how a legacy (Eric) being the top tier prize one of three sets of collections makes legacy ascendables “the new norm” for the top level up prize.


yellow beta 10.000 points … red davie 15.000 points

Douglas is good just for his guardian alone. Beta is okay but davie is kinda trash (in my opinion), specially when you compare him to eric and marlon (previous 15000 worth of museum item that was being used at that time)


Looks pretty average to me, need offensive toons personally, defensive blue meh

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