New Device - Beta - Account linking issues



Asking this for a faction mate who isn’t registered here.

He’s in beta and has just gotten a new phone, sets it all up and downloads the latest beta release. Plays through tutorial and logs in to facebook as usual.

The game recognises he has logged in previously but then links his email to the new account.

On his old phone the account is accessible but now seems to be unlinked.

He’s also tried his brothers phone but whenever he logs in he is now presented with this low level noob account and is obviously reticent to try and link to the same previously linked email and potentially lose his account and have to deal with the sh!tshow that is support.

@kalishane any guidance would be welcomed here


thanks for response. I’ll pass him the info and hope that support can sort in a timely manner (who the hell am i kidding - hes likely to quit before they resolve it xD )


Made that for my buddy who @Gr33dy linked my own question for above.


He’s not looking forward to the experience. You just know its gonna take ages, involve over 9000 hoops to jump through and probably still not be resolved properly in a weeks time


Yeah… and dev team cant see into player accts so they cant find a common link to resolve this with either. I get it. I hope he gets Support and a Human and not the roboreaponder brigade.


@kalishane is this being addressed I am locked out at the moment?


Ill reattach the link to mine here since Gr33dy was ip banned today.


I know your busy @kalishane but I’m losing the sr tournament where I would have at least placed top ten. Any word on a fix?


No answer for 7 hours. Surprise surprise scopely


Being really close to P13 and in beta my faction mate is obviously not dedicated enough :joy:


I can’t help with support issues everyone. That’s what support is for.

I do send your forum posts to them for visibility – that’s the most I can do.

Thank you for understanding.

Of course, feel free to use this thread to discuss the issue!


Support are terrible though. Whatever happened to that new team?


They’re still ramping up! It’s getting better – slowly.

They officially took over not too long ago. (about a week)


Support is not getting better, thats bull. Anyone who has used it lately can attest to that


So at the risk of derailing my own thread - issues like the on Greedy had…

You know that’s awful right? I entirely get why he feels the way he does.
That’s not adequate support in any way shape or form no matter which team is in charge


But hey if 5 stars start falling from the sky when you pull or if wendys drop in war raids we can get that fixed within an hour


I’ve gotten 2 replies. One said show a receipt and it would work. Next one wanted my account code cuz the receipt wasn’t enough. I just want it fixed. But not being kept in the loop sucks it’s 4 or more hours between responses. Just want an update. The nuggets are not going to come again so if I lose out I lose out. And it had nothing to do with me but the bug.


I will never forget the Cooper war where support did the impossible (apparently) and gave everyone affected a Cooper


Probably all got fired too, or had that docked from their pay


At pre acension prices i bet they are still paying for it