New CRW Prizes!


This is real. Not a joke. I’m actually scared.
Spooky prizes!


Wow. These are actually good prizes.


IMO this is an improvement. I mean… it’s better than 50k of 5star tokens, right? At least we have a chance for a very good premier character. A minimal chance, sure, but this is something.


Definitely improvement. I got like 5 year 3 tokens for CRW last time


the last war was Bananas because I didn’t get to make a Pull! LOL!

I got 2 5 stars so far from that wheel.


Expected worse, but I cant really get excited over that wheel.


I’d rather have a pull from a guaranteed token wheel then 8 Benedicts smh scopley


So, war all weekend for a very small RNG chance for something mildly useful.

Bag o bollocks imo


Called it. Pure Garbage :-1::-1:


This is Terrible … considering ive done so many pulls already and got NOTHING of any use i dont hold much hope for this event.


Only toon I’m hoping for from that wheel is Alpha, just to make a decapitate team vs Lydias
But I know it’s not going to happen, so fight for Benedict!


is there crw match ups now?


This is so lame. Least give us a wheel with guaranteed ascednables. :sob::sob::sob::sob: whyyyy do we take 2 steps forward then 10 back.


Milestones and sleep this weekend. If not for the login event I may not have even logged in the rest of the weekend after tonight with this :poop:


5* ascendible/6* on the Spooky Wheel:

Alert Davie
Fast Beta
Tough Negan
Alert Taunt Gov
Strong Alpha
Fast Negan
Alert Jeremiah
Alert Depot Gov
Strong Negan

Also, future ascendible 5* OG Tough Dwight


@JB.Scopely I had 80 anniversary tokens that expired for no reason and now we get this junk… it’s time to make a permanent six star wheel.


Good thing i play for pride


Terrible prizes, nice to see it’s getting worse.


Should change the title to “Can we have” New CRW Prizes


Haha, these will turn out to be the worst crw rewards ever. For those in factions who are in a position to win your respective crws just remember all the coin your spending at a 2% chance at a toon you probably already have. YES!! Keep mashing the coin repair button so you can pull 8 4*s come Monday morning. Can you imagine? What a great way to start off your week. But, you can brag about how the hundreds of dollars spent got you to #1. Wont that be satisfying.