New content weaps and mods

We are pretty much used to mods already, how they work, how to use them, etc.

Maybe it’s now time to tweak them. Make some of the useless ones more useful. And periodically add new mods so it’s more interesting. maybe something like an AP gain or decap resist mod would add new complexities to wars and raids.

Weapons too can be tweaked, we can add more weapon effects.

Yes, it’s been a while since the combat was changed. At least maybe 2 days.


Disarm resist would be interesting. Always thought it would be a good mod.

I don’t think decap resist should ever become a thing, as well as disarm resist.


They may. In form of some platinum mods. Available for cash only. And rendering all f2p decaps/disarms useless.


Fixed it for you.

To go down this road, I could see a slot 3 weapon upgrade like “weapon chain” making the weapon immune to disarm. The draw back would be that you obviously couldn’t use any other slot 3 upgrades on your weapon like abs def etc. Way too powerful otherwise.

Great idea. Make it even more difficult to get desired mods. No thanks. 3 years later and I still have not got a AD weapon

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Absolutely not in my opinion. We don’t need the gap between f2p and p2p to be bigger than it already is.

They could add some new mods but definitely not the ones you mentioned. Decap and disarm resists would turn “tough but beatable” defenses into “barely beatable” if not “unbeatable” defenses. Weapons are okay I think, the only thing they could change the amount of dmg of statuses like bleed on green weapons

I think decap resist is a good idea for a new mod. Things I would love to see added:
New mods
More dual specialist toons
New weapon effects
5* weapons and the Premier weapon wheel brought back
More 5* territory events with nice rewards like those liliths they had before
Prestige levels above 13, maybe a new legendary prestige toon
6* versions of old forgotten specialist skills like tenacity, etc.

Decap resist is utterly nonsensical and makes revive OP as it is now without a counter. Not to mention the subsequent gameplay would shoot the raid timer to hell

You guys are forgetting that if players had the option to use Disarm/decap resist, they’d have to remove an existing resist mod or the wild card mod to make due. So it’s a give and take which doesn’t necessarily make the team harder to beat.

Eg: removing stun resists for decap resist wouldn’t make that defense team any harder to beat.

You are also forgetting scopely updates nothing… When it is released that is as good as it gets… Look at all the stale content it is embarrassing

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