New concept Banishment


So, I’ve been seeing a number of post with people complaining about harassment. I have a novel idea since nor much is being done. Banishment, get say 100 players in a region to each chip in 20 coins to send that offending person to the banished region. Self-cleanup.
Scopely allow ourselves to self clean our mean people out. So…be jerk… and your banished by your region mates. I choose 100 people, that way it would have to be serious, not one faction just picking on a guy, this way with a hundred people you really gotta screw up or piss lots of people and/or factions off.
It’s still a new idea in my head and could use some more polishing. So please help me develop this into a more practical concept.

Thank you


Signed, me


I have no doubt 100 ftp can get together and banish those p13s.

Not in my region, but in some, I’m sure.


You have to be really gullible to not see how badly this could still be exploited.


So you’re saying, I can pay to get people removed? Nice, we’ve managed to monetize everything now.


This is a very bad and terrible idea.


I’ll just make 100 alts and banish everyone in my region lol


Rip top faction lol




no because people can be targeted even tho they’re innocent.


Wow. Ok, well I see what your saying. Just trying to find our own way of dealing with these harassing people. Now that think about it, yep it can be exploited. But I still wish someway to deal with hardcore jerks. I get it at times we all can be angy( including myself) but those guys that persist need to go. Wish there was a better and easier way


People who complain about harassment on a game need to grow a pair.


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