New combat mod " neck brace "

Stops decap…if they ever did this…i would be invinceable!
Cause that is what keeps killing me now.

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If that ever was implemented it would have to come with a big penalty.
Resurrect, but with impair for 3-4 turns or something.
Else everyone would run 5 revive teams and be untouchable.

Raiding are boring enough as it is.


It’ll be here when they need more money

“The one guaranteed counter for revive? Yeah, let’s get rid of it”

I am stealing this!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Disarm resist would be interesting to see tbh lol

Yes let’s go full on Wolfenstein 2.


Let’s give toons some kind of cybernetic enhancement when they come back from the dead too lol


“surehanded” - character cannot be affected by disarm.

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How about mods that are like thanos powers, like turning whale teams/promo characters into f2p characters or walkers.

Yeaaahh ad why not the “indomitable mod” =>
Can not be hurt by physical attack…Only Bleed or burn affect the character

(it’s a joke)

Let’s get this person a brain check stat

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I think that’d be a better specialist skill

Let’s get rid of decap, may as well get rid of revive also, since we are getting rid of stuff let’s get rid of shields and 6*, fuk it lets get rid of 5* also. Now the game is perfect for everyone.

I just want better bottom left corner mods. Maybe add a minimal maim damage one

New combat mod “Carl to the museum”

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I’d like to see an ap on atk ap on def mods

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