Instead of purchasing an 8250 coin pack …

for the same price get 7250 (100 coins less) and a chance of 700 (-300) 800 (-200) 900 (-100) or 2500 (+1500)

This game is Currently broken to pieces with buga and “gates”

you have players who are “willing” to pay some money into this game BUT with the coin gamble offers and stupidly dumb trainer offers you arent giving any players a reason to spend.

just as a reminder

£10 used to get you
2 x 10 x 5* Trainers
2 x 10 x 4* Trainers
2 x 10 x 3* Trainers
2 x 10 x 2* Trainers
5 x 1 Million Bags

now you get 2 x 4* Trainers, 20 x 2* Trainer, 20 x 3* Trainers for £15


The funny thing is, the “£” has dropped in the last few years to its historical lowest course.

Scopely prey on people who don’t know how to calculate the expected value.

i will spend if it worth it such as for s class toon, but for coin nope

Same with the £18.99 one… 1000 coin and chance at extra 2500 or simple 200 250 or 300… where as same price on coins gets guaranteed 1500…
There is gambling and then there is gambling…
The value being put on everything is has an will increase.

Eventually they will place all these offers on a literal roulette table where you can get coins or 0 coins/ items

mark my words

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Marketing the offers to the addicts now , they know who’s left spending .

pretty close to that right now

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