New Christmas toons are not free!


Welp, if we are not getting at least one of the Christmas toons for free I can promise you that this will be disappointing to nearly everyone. No one actively wants gear and fodder: they need it. It would be like giving your family a water bottle for Christmas.


In other news: Water is wet


shit event 12 toys for one pull a box with tier 4 6 star gear and mixed in with tier 2/3 eh think stick to nugget one.


The saddest thing is that they’re not even good for the most part. Obviously Erika is op, but everyone else is meh


Don’t think Erika is OP tbh, looks it in theory, but since there are just so many tyreese around with decapitate to a line of enemies the whole revive thing is dead (pun intended).

Good leader skill, but no more than Carl.


sorry … nothing is free anymore in this game !!


Not true. We are free to voice our opinion even if it’s a complaint.

The game has changed course in the past due to over whelming complaints but it’s rare.


And fire is hot! X)