New chat filter

This new chat filter is a monster. It blocks normal human words not just swear words. It is actually making normal everyday communication difficult.

What is the point of having a game with gore, voilance, and swear words right in the game then banning almost every other word? Why is social media words banned or simple words like line?

Anything scopee comes out with is over kill with this chat filter included. Can’t the game makers ever make something without messing it up?


The word “line” isn’t banned for me :man_shrugging:

I cant say fug…but i can say butts!

You can’t say coins, but you can say fuckers. LoL. Changing colors helps with some words.


(Don’t shout this fact about)

That’s one of the frustrating things that some words are banned for some and not for others. so the people with words not banned think the other people must be doing something bad to have that happen.
May be true for some people that are mad and intentionally swearing and such in gc but for others makes no sense at all getting benign words hashtagged.

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