New characters to keep us surviving


i know is not up to you dear but cmon, and we FTP that what some legacy toons turned into 6* just to spice things up to our team, for example in this moment beetwen ascend a second kirkman negan, or second carl, or a second ty o a second miraboobs… you get the idea right? just because i dont have the money to spend on pulls and get shinys grenn negans, alphas, betas, jeremias… that you guys launch every 4 or 5 days, meanwhile over the 70% of players base we have to wait to Early 2018, and in the meantime what do you advices us to do?


Would @kalishane or someone there atleast acknowledge the fact we know toons are already designed that could be flipped on?

Stop playing dumb that these toons need to be designed from the ground up. Several are already complete and have been far before you’ve released brand new PR 6*s.

We’ve known about toons like Eugene, Joshua, and Glenn for a month or more before Alpha and Beta.

This is stupid.


new character developed, with release soon, but incredible as it may seem, the old 5 * toons remain leaning, even because it does not generate profit cast characters that will not be sold. unfortunately (for me) I think it’s time for retirement


@kalishane since you passed by this subject yesterday I’ve tagged you again as it now appears twisted metal will be retiring as another pay toon is developed and due for release yet still no answer on the legacy toons we know are there.

A date please to help keep twisted metal and many others in the game.
Thank you


The lack of readily available, legacy 5* characters is probably the single biggest thing this game needs to address. I posted about it previously here Promo 6* beta VK leaked. Now we have a brand new shiny premier recruit, the numbers will be as follows:

26 Total 6 Star Characters

  • 13 Premier Recruits
  • 10 Legacy 5* Characters
  • 3 Museum obtainable characters

However, if you include all the confirmed (either announced by Scopley or data mined by VK) the outlook is actually like this:

40 Total 6 Star Characters

  • 15 Premier Recruits
  • 22 Legacy 5* Characters
  • 3 Museum obtainable characters

(note I have made an assumption that all new data mined characters and Erika will be premier recruits - probably a safe assumption to make)

For the love of god Scopely, please release some of “missing” 12 legacy 5* into the game. Currently you are stifling those of us who aren’t dropping a grand each week on your latest premier toon. I find it disgraceful that you release a system which makes our entire roster, which some of us have been building for years, obsolete and don’t even give us the opportunity to rebuild properly.

Make already existing toons ascendable instead of creating new ones!

I’m gonna tag @kalishane on Monday after the holidays for an answer. I’ll then give it a week of tagging before I too say goodbye to the game.

Love the game hate the way it is mis managed


I honestly don’t believe they care…or ever did.
Just pretended to when money was on the line.

Thought with KaliShane hired and the 6*s it was going to be a fresh start.
Instead we got a continuation of what was happening to cause the SStrike…maybe even worse…
There’s more promises now…more broken ones anyway.


@kalishane tagging as I said I would

Update on these data mined toons and when we will see them. I’ve not played for 4 days and won’t until I get an update. Prestige 12 by the way (ashamed I know)


@kalishane noticed you were around yesterday so wanted to make sure you don’t miss this post again. Tick tock…it’s getting closer to quit o’clock


Imagine how much better the 6* would have gone if scopely did the following:

  1. Restricted the 6* to tier 2 for a few more months until all players had a decent few of them
  2. Released 30 OG toons right away for 6* ascendance, to give us something to play with build at least a few different teams
  3. Left stats alone, similar to the initial release (pre-buff) so the toons were still competitive with 5*
  4. Sold the t3 and t4 upgrade gear or made it prizes
  5. Released a weekly or bi monthly new OG toon into ascendance pool.
  6. Continued with the normal Premiers through R&R
  7. Removed the crap from 5* tokens, focused them on ascendables only, so those tokens are mostly useful instead of mostly useless.


it’s silly that i’m more limited by available characters then tokens or fodder.

i could make 4-5 new ones right now if “really” wanted too.

i’m not really interested in making every current f2p 5 star.
Since it’s quite hard to fully lvl their adrenaline and actives.
Some of them i’d rather avoid since i don’t want to use trainers on that toon.

Active trainers are easier to come by now with fac assault.
But liliths and adens are highly limited in terms of needing 9 per legendary.
Not to mention that my gear is limited per color.
So i’d rather not make a legendary that i don’t find suits me or my playstyle (available weapons)

I’d rather we have more choices before investing further.

some of the leaked toons do interest me which further makes me want to wait.
people like green glenn, the red gov especially are looking good since they have those desirable team building specialists.

Things like evasion seem nice but really offer very little for me.
I’d rather see a command or neutralize over many many things.


i mean they even should make a 6 star ascendable drop leader already.

a large or very large drop lead could be quite revitalizing for many.
Creating 1 of each color would definitely make the game more up to speed.

I personally think scopely should do an event where every 3 days 1 new existing toon
goes ascendable. and then after 3 new of each color are done.

go back to 1-2 months of premium slow release toons.

After we have about 20 of each color f2p ascendable we will be good.

red- (1) mirabelle
blue- (6) tyreese, abraham, yumiko, shane, siddiq, dwight
green- (2) carl, shiva
yellow- (3) ezekiel, negan, barker

red- (6) rosita, hershel, jeremiah, gov, eriak, madison
blue- (1) alpha
green- (4) viktor, wyatt, negan, beta
yellow- (3) sandy, vincent, yvette

since the beginning of august.
about 3 months and 2 weeks.
27 over almost 4 months, 6-7 toons per month, and half being pay 2 play.

  • we got a rush of toons early on. So 4 toons per month… in 10 months that’s a bleak 20 f2p toons following this pattern and off course heavy toons in premium since people will naturally spend less on the game since wars have become almost trivial.

The whole point of buying premium toons is to win wars, but wars aren’t worth the time and especially not the money anymore.
Maybe just a little, but overall much less.
they will have to buff new premiums to the point of people will be interested because they simply
dwarf their competition as they did with fivers.
But now wars are just farming.
Only very small amount of tryhards will go after the really good 6 stars.

If they made more 6 stars available it would justify war ascendables that are of the medium variety and then they could just turn around and sell in a promo that toon periodically instead of trying to sell 5 stars.

sell a medium tier 6 star with good side items like mb a canteen or gps. 10k 5 star tokens.
5 poli/duct tape to compensate for lesser tier 6 star.


support characters and drop leaders would probably sell alot less these kind of things could easily be fillers like war ascendables, tourney prizes, 24-48 hour filler promos, ascendable toon crates many options to update the meta game to more ascendables of different power levels.

if scopely released 6 stars with 3600-4000 stats compared to the 4600-5000 current range.
These toons would still be very viable because strategy and composition balance has a big impact.

If you really analyze the stats difference.

5 stars are like 3 stars to lvl 80 6 stars.
3 stars have about half the stats of a lvl 80 5 star.
likewise 5 stars have about half the stats of 1 lvl 80.

4 stars have about 300 less stats then a 5 star.

Essentially, 5 stars are the new 3 stars.
a lvl 1-70 6 star, 1/10 adrenaline is your new 4 star.
And lvl 80-90 6 stars are the new maxed out 5 stars.
Giving both immense lvl up points and maxed out stats.
Which is offcourse what lvl lvl 80 fivers did. Most lvl up points and most stats.

Selling 5 stars is basically dead for me.
I can respect selling ascendables.

But the pace is very very slow and it’s causing many people to get bored + quit.

I’ve kept all my 5 stars for now for scavenging and survival road.
But eventually with more and more tokens and gear + trainers…

we can easily move into a full 6 star meta game…
It’s inevitable.

I’m at 8 and I can make 5 total of 13.
13 5 stars back in the day was not really easy.