New characters to keep us surviving


There are most likely other threads but I’m new to this platform so thought I’d just start my own thread.

@kalishane @CombatDevIl

We know you have legacy 6* available so it would be extremely helpful if we could get something of a better timescale than that which has been given.

We have seen Glenn, Eugene and governor amongst others. How long are we going to be strangled by the limitations? Can we expect a few new legacies this week? This month? This year?

Really need an answer to this guys as the current crop is throttling the game and driving people away.


they are having trouble launching the rise to the characters that already exist. they can only cast characters that you had to pay to have. Is there something strange going on? lol


That would be fine if we hadn’t already seen the data mined 6* legacy toons from our good old Russian friends, you are quite right though about how the pay wall toons never fail to appear on a Friday.


@kalishane any chance of a reply now your around?


I don’t know. :frowning:
I know that we have a new designer and part of character development has been spread across a few people in the meantime.
I saw a doc with a few new character proposals.
I believe holiday characters are underway.

That’s what I know.


Yes @kalishane we have already seen the characters I have mentioned. Just a timeline better than 2018. There will be nobody left by 2018


Exactly, we have a good few OG toons that need no development, and hafve already been finalized. They have been ready for 2 months.

Any excuse about manpower and running out of characters is just a smokescreen to hide the truth.

I believe the truth is “We want you to buy the variety, if we give you good ascendable toons from ones you already paid for, or are available in the depot, we don’t know how to get you buy the new ones.”



Do you have any idea how many pixels were needed for those iterations? After the great pixel famine of 2017 things are gonna be scarce for generations to come.

Keep on surviving.


New characters? Need clarification, as 100% new or ascended old ones?


It’s been a MONTH , since the last f2p ascendable character was released, I understand you have ISSUES with design etc, but leaving us that long without an potential new characters is a disgrace, any other company would have seen this situation and released one of the premium characters you don’t have an issue releasing weekly as f2p, just to appease their customers instead of preaching lack of characters yet still selling new ones


characters for the holiday are being developed, it is understood why new characters will be sold. the good and old advertised ascending will continue with some kind of developmental problem indefinitely (even though the version of them in 6 * is already presented)

I’M right?


@Dash don’t suppose you have any useful insight for us?

@kalishane don’t know if you’ve seen the images of the toons that have been data mined by vk some time ago so thought i would tag you again so you might be able to shed some light on when these will appear

Thank you guys


lol good luck getting an answer from Dash. He hasn’t been online on the forums since late October


Shane already gave us a list of the future 6 * based on the existing 5 *. there is no date to release the characters. I’m sorry to tell you, there will be a new 6 * character that’s in development, but again, just paying. the old 5 * are finished


Remember when there was supposed to be a gear map but someone forgot to activate it, there new 6* like Governor, Glenn, Eugene & Joshua are the same. Someone just needs to flip the switch.

Only reason it’s not happening is because of the worry over revenue.


We want legacy toons and we want them now.
You’ve refused to give us a time line any more defined than “into early 2018,” and it’s been weeks since an old toon got a six star version.
You’ve already repeated the promos for most of the new 6s. No one is buying them because the masses have decided that we’d hold out until the toons we’ve worked hard for or paid money for in the past will become usable again.
Give us the toons and sell us on the trainers or gear. Or the jugs to compete for these toons. There’s other ways to make money, besides new 6
But, you’re killing off your player base very, very quickly handling things the way you are right now.
Stop ignoring this topic.


Turn them on? That’s not how code works buddy. It could take hours to type the code into the program. Trust me, that’s very difficult to do. :slight_smile:


I agree that it is not simply turn on or off a switch and ready, was born a 6 *. but can not disagree that they do not launch, not because they have not corrected the code, but simply because it is more profitable to launch new characters. do you agree? :sunglasses:


How about you guys try and release the unreleased/unobtainable 4* and 5*?