New characters in the survival road and weapon effects

For a long time I have been waiting for a change of characters in the survival road, Dr Stevens, ezequiel, Jesus… they are outdated. And the weapon effects in the armory, like as bleeding are outdated too :c

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I was talking to my faction as well that it generally seems really weird that you put this much effort into getting the survival toons and they put them on the back burner for ascendance. Zeke is still very useful as a 5, he could be great as a 6.


I’ve said this a few times would make a big change to that feature. I remember how hard it was to get the handknifes and toons.
I’d say if they did update it we would need to grind again to get gear for the 6star version.
Also the 30 day pass crate so outdated to.

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Ezekiel is how you spell it I believe you can also just use zeke

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Ezequiel I only use in the attack time

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