New Characters and what they could've been

Orginally this game was supposed to be about “The Walking Dead” somethink that thins out with every Storyless Stupid Orgin Character. In addition to that theres not even a single reason for doing so and should’nt it be less work to just give a New Character New Clothes and copy paste there Head?

Here are some Examples on what Characters could’ve been, but sadly and frustratly didn’t were:

(And Yes, I know that some of my Suggestions also orginated from RTS, though the reason why I suggested them in particular is that I do like some of them and could imagen them work well in the Story. The other reason is damage control, because the Characters are out and it’s not possible to reserve the process, but making isen’t gonna make the Situation any better)


Some are acceptable but some are way off, its not the character design that matters, its the function
Clementine into Mia is so far off


It’s not the design I’m talking about. It’s about the General Creation of New Characters all the time and that they could’ve been we already know and (maybe) love

Hoes mad Hoes mad Hoes mad

They should make Michonne with two walkers on chains and some super one month event to get her :star_struck:

Would be cool if they did that and a bite or something from them would lead to the enemy being zombified and start attacking their own team

I saw on new leaks „infection” skill. Would be perfect for her zombie weapon :+1:
But this game is more like avengers now than TWD :expressionless:

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That would be dope!! And maybe so it’s not like confuse it allows u to control the infected toon?!

I did avengers for tapjoy, don’t remember much about it tho

Infection should be - infected toon dies after 4-5 round after bite and cant be revived :thinking:
But we can only dream about…

Yeah i agree tho, they should buff or tweak old characters into usable so they dont have to really make a whole load of characters. Collecting them without being able to use them except in side contents are kinda annoying, I love them and cant get rid of them from my roster but my roster size is screaming rn


Maybe or turns and becomes our toon muahahahah

How infected should work is a toon with infection doesn’t count as a living toon. So, if your team is all infected and all at full Heath in perfect condition you lose, 'cause they’re all as good as dead.

That too, but that’s mit even the whole point. I understand that 5* speak alone 4* are behind us, okay, but I don’t understand why we gotta leave the Characters behind.

They could throw out a S-Class Decapitate x Disarm on a New Character and I wouldn’t even buy it, if I would be whale. Make it a Allen for Example who doesn’t even need to be S-Class or have the Ability Mix from Strong and I would get it, just because it’s not some Random Character who survived all that Time Offscreen, as if.

Looking at the Typhoon Characters who all get 6*, atleast every Atlanta Survivor should have atleast a 6* by now, but No. Jim, Donna, Ben and Billy aren’t even in the Game and Allen, Carol and Amy aren’t usable anymore with there 4*/Amys 5*.

To be fair, though, any realistic game version of Carol would be dreadful.

What would her AR be? Needy Clinging where she attaches herself to the strongest male toon on your team and buffs his attack slightly before imploding?


I should add that her response to the way the world changed seemed perfectly sensible to me.

Yeah and tobin and olivia is op right now, kinda disrespectful to the comic

Oliva technically is okay for me, even if it is unfaithful to her behavior, but atleast she survived quite long before “marking a Border”, but Tobin is completly out of Touch, Yeah. Allen survived way longer for Example, though he still only has 4*, while Tobin died immidently after the Walkers attacked, just one Volume after being introduced.

I’m dead :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Amazing :joy:

she was irritating in the comics, no doubt

What if infection is incurable dmg that occurs on the base the dmg it was allied on
So Mr Jones doesn’t kil. The enemy because let’s say its s class kapoor and he his rush on each hit did 2k dmg
So infection goes of next turn and hits z toon for 200% of the last hit
So 4k
Considering this is scopely this what it most likely do
But it’s also innuendo for Mr Jones giving you “unwanted packages” that you didn’t “sign up” for