New character legendary

What are the possible new legendary? Any leak or publication here?

No they arent releasing any lists anymore. There was a pinned post(i think)that stated that.

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They have leaked characters that will become 6*s this year but they didnt really give much info on the toons. I forget who they were but a few were blue ivanova, lester, red leader Glenn, one of the red sandys and a few others. Ill have to see if i can find them.

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I literally have all the ones you listed lol

Please do!

I heard about Tripp and Sawyer, but who knows.

I’m not gonna hold my breath but a yellow decap would be sweet

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I agree with you

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I agree with your agree

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Never heard of this information, I will be searching as well.


Ill dance around my house if i see tripp


You haven’t heard of it because it doesn’t exist.


Got my hopes up for nothing, I actually have that Glenn :disappointed:

Which sawyer? Chainsaw cuz thatd be dope. Alpha and sawyer chainsaw decaps

Anyone heard about red Lee?

I believe this is the image you’re referring to.

I don’t remember larry or human shield jesus or red Alicia so no.
Blue clem
Red lead glenn that heals and hits 3
Blue ivanova
One of the red Sandy’s
There was like 8 but release dates werent until may. And im no longer in that chat so id have to message someone to see if they can find the pics for me.

Question is, is that real or fake?

And the last digit of the year was cut off in that image because it’s a troll pic from last year. Just a troll, means nothing.

Lol i have no idea it wasnt one pic it was each toon. But im sure your correct. I will never share info on here again my apologies if i my fac lead was trolled and shared info. I will make sure there’s a scopley stamp on it from now on.