New character. Crap rewards


Is there a reason why she was made a character before Daryl? Did she pay to have a new character made for her? Wouldn’t it make sense to have a character that was actually a part of the comic/show instead of a glorified b-list celebrity fan?

Also why would you make a solo lvl up with garbage prizes and 2mil milestone. Scopely is getting terrible at hiding their greed. How many of you even play this game to know what would be best for the players?


This game is based off of the comics, and since Daryl is from the show, he likely won’t ever be in this game.


Which issue was Yvette Nicole Brown in the comics?


They don’t have rights to Daryl since it it based on the comics


The character of “Daryl” is owned by AMC. AMC has its own mobile game called “No Man’s Land”. This was mentioned a lot of times.


There’s already 2 other toons that have been created and distributed. And they were just youtube personalities. So why do you care now?


^^ This. It is entirely about the rights to the characters. Daryl, Sasha, and characters that were created for the TV Series will likely be too difficult/expensive to get in this game.