New character 6*



She just showed up, yet another P2P OP toon🤦


The debuff is stupid because apparently when Wanderer had it, it was “too overpowered” but then you see the same debuff, but instead of it being to all reds and greens it’s to the entire enemy team, and it’s somehow not overpowered? Practice what you preach, Scopely, ffs.

Edit: When did they start censoring swears on the forums? Lmao, market this game as T for teen JFC.


The game carries a 17+ rating, but the forums can be read by anyone. There’s always been a swear filter on the forums as far as I can remember.


Which makes no sense either because you can’t swear on the in-game chat, but they let the characters swear like sailors in roadmaps and whatnot. The forums, I guess, makes more sense to be censored.


Why does she look like she raided a Forever 21 store with the type of pants she’s wearing? It looks more like a Tier 2 tbh especially the five star version.


Could someone translate for me? I only see she is disarm. The rest i cannot read


she is already in the game, just click on the monument!


Should’ve just made her 44 AP while they were at it


OK. I saw her in another thread anyway. She is ridiculous!


Oh come on…

It isn’t like they had a 5s fast toon that was already out there that they could promote to 6s…
Maybe a toon with stun on her attack too…

Damn I wish they was already one out there…

Hmmm… Teresa…


she seems pretty savage maybe like an MNA fighter or an accountant ? idk


So, whales get a whole rainbow of disarms before FTP gets 1. OKAY THEN. WE’LL WAIT I GUESS. THAT’S FINE.


Ftp and got 2 Bruce’s. Not impossible.


Not impossible.

But a completely impractical and improbable pain in the ass.


not impossible but not as likely.


Anyone remember Andreagate? No? Looks like Scopely’s back-to-back promo distraction has worked lol


I havent made it to andrea gate because im still stuck on 12 ascendables for 36 dollars.

That is when this paying customer closed his wallet


Lol back to back op promos :joy: next up will be a 45 app double revive shield


I haven’t. Andreagate was the last straw for me. This p2p whale has turned f2p. Now I am going to chill in a f2p region with no desire to have a better roster and eventually my anger will become apathy and I will quit like so many other whales have…

Great company move… <Slow.clap>