New Chance Offer Pulls

Gotta say these offers are nice, I’m not the biggest spender so I decided go the pull the trigger and I got Ryan, really happy with that. If you pulled lemme see what you got


I got Slater. Don’t know if he is any good?

Hey at least he isn’t 500 comes, he doesn’t seem to bad with his revive active and ar


its strange they have a toon like slater in there who never got a 2nd run out as a promo and I’m sure there was alot of money still to be made off of him, with him being a command and a revive

Incoming 7*

Well these characters are obsolete without 7a although they can be fun to own.

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Obviously there wasnt… commands pretty much just command so there ar just isnt a big deal.

soon all 6* going to include in war wheel i can bet

Revive active skill, he’s a useful toon seems to me

I didnt say he was terrible he just isnt worth a premiere pull. If you want him for 10 bucks go for it. His weapon is pretty crap though.

Please don’t pull unless you can actually use the toons peeps😂

he is really good now against angel defenses allows you to rush doc and arrav and just revive them

I got lucky on daze resists and slapped hp in his 4th slot so she hasn’t been a big issue but a good point.

Correct me if i am wrong, but Slate might be the only valuable toon.

Lol these guys buying up outdated 6 stars :joy: anyone who bought these offers do not complain about the state of this game


Seeing how Scopely charged upwards of $200 for a guaranteed pull of these characters makes me think you’re just being cynical because sCoPelY suCkS…

with that being said I got Elena and I may buy the other one to get a better Bide toon (I have Cameron already) or a better revive

I like the offers too, gives some small spenders an opportunity to pull some good toons. I got Cameron Scarr and Zhu on the last two boxes, I got Elena on this one and may pull for Ryan or Slater

What happened to not spending y’all lmao


You should definitely keep spending . Great work :joy::joy::joy::joy: