New challenges for the bored


Not much of a challenge. Our weakest member is level 3.


“New” challenge…


Weird flex but ok.


Your faction must be terrible


The reality is, my friends are great and when I asked if anyone could help me move the queue to make milestones, they went above and beyond to help. I hope everyone has friends like this :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s a good challenge.Uninstall the game without coming back within a few months


ill beat that, go to sd, sort your roster by trait, scroll left and right wo looking, depot the first toon you pick.


Hell no!


I’ve been doing that challenge, quit around October now I’m just an occasional forum lurker


Update he has built a counter to our team. Now we unfortunately have to use 3 toons to beat him.


stoooooppp the guy with alpha / victor / kate combo will come …(again)


Then it wouldn’t qualify as all 5 stars.


Alpha comes in a 5* version, too.


It’s not the one they were referring to, I saw the battles.


@Kodak_black :neutral_face:


We do stuff like this all the time. Duel 5* teams using 5* (it’s a lot different then 6* era) use 5* squads vs 6*, use 2 or 3 6* vs 6*…we’ve sat on boring weekends doing all sorts of things. It can be fun and challenging. I’d love to see an all 5* war…unfortunately there’s always people who either won’t or don’t understand lol


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