New challenges for the bored


New challenge for everyone: beat ur weakest faction member using only two toons


I can confirm this challenge is simple


Lol I should try this out sometime


Maybe next time you’ll be the atttacker and not the defender


If you want to make it more challenging - 3 man using 5* :wink: the rage is real from some hahaha


thats not a D* move or anything. good to know chimmitooth is the weakest link in your group. its not like theyre going to notice everyone hitting them with only 2 toons. that would NEVER create a possibly toxic atmosphere…


It’s all in good fun


Better challenge. Beat revive shield teams with only 5 stars.


We wanna try that but we don’t have enough scraps to move mods around for it to be possible


isnt that what the bully always says? why not hit him with your normal team then suggest improvements that they could make to not be the “weakest”. i mean i get what your getting at, and me and people in my group will sometimes do who can beat x persons d with the least amt of toons, or put actual defenses up and play “beat that d”, like name that tune. i can beat that d in 4 turns, i can beat that d in 3 turns, etc. to single someone out and say hey try to show them how much their team sucks and its all in good fun, is def counter productive to not being a piece of *.


just use bs bronze ones, adds to the challenge. Some of my 5s have no mods at all lol


You sound like you make your own kale smoothies


Great minds think alike! We played “beat that d” and we couldn’t get faster than 4 turns so we thought of other challenges like 2 toons.


kale is for dirty hippies


Nah its fine this is chimmitooth. Riley and justin are annoying but theyre my buds. If it was someone that you dont know then it would be an actual d bag move, but they were just joshing. Riley recently spent money on a winter token pull and got yellow michonne so hes probably full of self hatred right now, I understand hes taking out his rage on my team. Also it took them 20 tries to beat it, so it really isnt that impressive. I appreciate you defending my honor Mr Shabutie.


Shut up Margaret u can’t even beat riley’s team with 6 toons


Shutup level 1 Crook
Big Chim chunk


lol, a little more understandable then. if its just joking around within friends than thats one thing and i cant say i havent done similar things myself.


Im a level 35 boss and you’re a level 1 poor.
A-do it do it do it do it do it


This is how you create lulz in the faction chat.