New caps and letterman jackets - for league exclusive toons

Screenshot_20181228-070451_Walking%20Dead Screenshot_20181228-070438_Walking%20Dead

Flare guns and comics now we have this. Way to ruin league toons.

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Wow thanks for showing this. You’re the first person to notice it. /s


:rofl: sarcasm at its finest

It’s 5* weps all over again…

Truth (7 char)

We been knew

Im sorry bruh. It’s just no one told me and I wanted to look cool =(

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I ment as in duplicate thread spam

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Hope for the best get booted in the Gonads ^^


Old news, but I see where you’re coming from. All it is, is one more way for them to put a even tighter stranglehold on gear. Typical

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