New calendar update

Anyway we can get an update to the calendar for this month because we have finished all the events on it and we cant prep for any upcoming ones


@Sinisterone Calendar has been updated!


Why is it so boring? We have everyone crying for a hordes or raids or onslaught or really anything and we aren’t getting a single decent event. Why?


Thanks to this game people learn to not expect anything good from events.


K calender is updated. Any info on the skull tokens yet? @GR.Scopely

So where is level up???

Ummm… waiting for us on Wednesday

changed it then changed it back

Calendar Update: 11/06/2019

Please be aware of the latest calendar changes:

  • Solo Level Up (Tues 12:00pm - Fri 3:00pm)
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No free mod removal before crw?

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Yes :slight_smile: there will be a free mod removal event before the upcoming CRW

  • Mods Removal Event (Thu 4:00pm - Fri 4:00pm)

Thank you for the update

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