New cake leaderboard?


It says earn cakes to get on the leaderboard


Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, no QA


I try to give some slack. I try to be level headed. I try to not always focus on what they mess up and see both sides. Boy do they make it fuckin hard.

They took away Glenn's weapon?

rookie mistake my dude


Leak of a new mutant.


Or better a new Crossover Event beetween TWD RTS and The Forest :smiley:


He’s evolving.


“Redeem tokens for a chance at new Legendary three armed Jesus”


"Use legendary tokens for a chance at a legendary recruit "
You pull a 5s non ascendable.
That’s false advertising in my book.


Everywhere I look it says guaranteed epic. And chance for legendary. No false advertisement. Misleading yes. But the odds are there and they don’t say anything about guaranteeing a legendary.




Your checks in the mail.


Oh, just some good ol’ fashioned deception then, absolutely no reason anyone should be annoyed with that. Nothing to see here. Close the thread.


Hey, I’ve crapped all over Scopely for the things they pulled, hell I just got off a suspension for it. But reading goes a long way. Can’t fully blame Scopely when people don’t read. I bought the offer myself. I kicked myself afterwards when I got a Cooper and realised what the wheel really was. Can only blame myself.


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