New building proposals

Great game. But really difficult to do something without survivors. So you should implement a new building something like a beacon where players can gain new survivors. 1 per hour with a limit of 5 survivors. Upgrading grow the limit.


This is a really good idea. It makes sense, should be fairly simple to incorporate, and provides the same kind of production function as farms and sawmills.


This would be great. I spend a lot of time farming for survivors for all the level up events, so anything that can help with survivors would be great.


I like this idea.

Or a building to build crude bronze.

Like a mineshaft to collect metals for weapons and armorrrr

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Trading depot where you can trade items for some type of currency you can use to buy things from the depot. Upgrading it unlocks better things to get in trade such as liliths, adens, benedicts, weapon parts, legendary medals, and other hard to obtain items that need to become more available. You can trade in things like wood, food, trainers, and craftable items like grenades and such. This would serve 2 much needed purposes; 1- help get rid of things we don’t need or want(ie: wood, grenades, and other craftable items) and 2- give players another way to gain items that are desperately needed in today’s game but not always easily obtainable. And this would be a building you upgrade and have nothing to do with any of the current supply depots. I also like the idea of the survivor beacon, it’s definitely time to open up another section of town with a few new building options.

Whoa,was this actually an idea concept they were thinking of doing?

Whoa was this actually an idea concept they were throwing around?

Why would $copely give us the ability to build items we need when they can put up a stash that costs 45,000 coins to complete? They will always err on the side of money…

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What about a giant fire. It upgrades like a normal building but when you max it you can feed the fire wood, say crafting smoke, to increase the rate survivors arrive

Wood problem fixed. Survivor problem fixed


I would be happy to see my “village” with only buildings in it…(use the whole thing)

So… terminus?

The idea of creating maps available only via subscription is great!


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Why would you want a giant fire in the middle of your town? What is this the simpsons?


Were civilized people here. Why cant we just get a wood chipper?



tbh i couldnt think of a good enough reason for a radio tower to consume wood

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