New bug in territories

Sigh… it may not even be new but it’s new to me

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Sorry that happened to you @Bailey1998

It says its defending it but nothing’s there

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I don’t think it’s a bug. You can put teams on rivals’s or zombies’s territories, so when you cation claim the place, your team will already be defending there. I think it’s a utility and not a bug.

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No it’s a bug

I held the territory before work and came back and it was like that… that was 9 hours ago

And just to further prove you wrong here

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They are not proofs, they are detached screenshots. You can put teams on rivals and zombies territory and it’s not a bug, it’s a function.

You’re actually dumb the territory is shielded by an enemy team and team is still locked dont give me that"its separate screenshots" how else am I supposed to share it :joy::joy::joy::joy: I took crit territories crafted some weapons then went to work… I come back 9 hours later to a Walker territory and my team locked saying it was still in surefire which makes no sense because I didnt attack the walkers you can even see that i have 10/10 energy or are you too blind? Then multiple factions have taken it since and it’s still locked so smd and shut up you dont know what you’re talking about “not enough proof”

Dude, this has been a bug for ages. We had nine teams in a territory that spontaneously went to walkers. Territories is bugged to hell.

Not like it contributes to something important like leagues tho…


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