New bug came with the new update?!

So, I know there has been someone who mentioned a similar bug before, but this person was in the Beta.
And now I’m experiencing the same bug as well on the Live version.
Bug below: (feel free to step on it)

As you can see I finished the wave, but I can’t go to the next wave. Then it automatically starts clicking on my inventory (repeatedly)
I ended up fleeing the fight because it didn’t want to stop (in other words I wasted 4 energy).

Could you send this to the team please? It’s very annoying and most likely other people are experiencing this as well.
My device is a Sony Xperia XZ.

Hi, thanks for the heads up.

Let’s keep monitoring any similar cases popping here, from other players.
In the meantime, I invite you to write in to support to have it scanned further.

Many thanks!

sure thing, and thank you :slight_smile:

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i had one case of killing everyone in a war battle this previous weekend (so pre update, i still haven’t updated), and then being stuck not doing anything, if it was a normal raid i would have waited as long as possible to see if i got the victory screen but it was war so i fled after clicking around a bit and coming to the conclusion that nothing was going to happen.

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