New Bosses for Faction Assault - Ideas


Faction Assault is out, since a few months and it could
really need some new foe’s to fight, besides Negan. I’m
defenitly not the only one, with this Idea, but I haven’t found
any topic about it, so here are some Ideas:

The Governour.

Final Boss: The Governour
Alert Boss: Gloria
Tougth Boss: Gabe
Strong Boss: Martinez
Fast Boss: Bruce

Carver’s Group

Final Boss: Carver
Alert Boss: Troy
Tougth Boss: Tavia
Strong Boss: Hank
Fast Boss: Johnny

The New Frontier

Final Boss: Joan
Alert Boss: Max
Tougth Boss: Badger
Strong Boss: Rufus
Fast Boss: Lonnie


Scopely Faction Assualt

Final Boss: Dash

Alert Boss: Kalishane
Tough Boss: Albert
Strong Boss: Kalishawn
Fast Boss: Combatman

Most difficult one yet lol


I would like to see Governor as a boss, but have Nick Parson, Bobby Marsh, Phillip Blake, and maybe April Chalmer as mini bosses.

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Yeah, but I guess only Comic Readers really know them. Martinez, Gabe and Gloria are in the Game and Bruce was shown in a cutscene :thinking:

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This game is tailored for comic readers though. Even has characters from the novels (lily caul, josh, barker and Gavin)


They really need higher and harder tiers. The faction I’m in has a hard time not beating t5 before everyone can even hit one time. We have limited everyone to 1 hit now and we are still having trouble getting everyone a hit before we beat it. Also higher tiers should give more bags for more chances at earrings since it is extremely difficult to get them.

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Yeah, but there are also into the game as characters :slight_smile:

Ok not to get off track but why the hell isn’t there a better lilly character? There is literally 4 Joshua characters and he is not nearly as major of a character as Lilly is!! Honestly it’s so stupid that he gets so many versions along with Jeremiah and Barker and the MAIN character LILLY gets 1 3* character!!!

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Yeah, that’s weird. But there so many characters Who only have a 3* version aviable at the moment: Gabe, Dale, Allen, Lilly…

No one would attempt that tier because it would cost you 9999 coins for a reward of 1 Sandpaper

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There is a 5 star lilly

No, that’s the Lilly from Telltale. There
are diffrent characters


Oh ok that’s who I thought you were talking about lol

But but philip blake is the gov

With so many people having the bad toons (savior’s, governor, etc…) It would be cool to have Rick final . Michonne, Glenn, tyreese, Morgan…

Phillip Blake is the governors brother. Brian Blake is the governor. After Phillip dies, and some other stuff happens Brian takes his name and becomes the leader of Woodbury. It’s all explained in the novels.


Yeah, a Group of the Good.

Final Boss: Rick
Alert Boss: Allen
Tougth Boss: Andrea
Strong Boss: Michonne
Fast Boss: Tyreese

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Ooohhh my bad thanks for correcting me :grin:🖒

Dale has 4* and Allen as well… hes in your profile picture lmao


Yeah, I know that. But there both unaviable at the moment. This is what I meant.