New Beta character (fast)


@JB.Scopely I ended up buying the sheets to start the process of getting the yellow beta - I am 100 sheets short but I have a deal for $75 that gives 300 sheets. Is there any other way we are going to get the items? Raids or progression regards from an event? I have the required knives but not the sheets. I think someone miscalculated again like they did with the Carl event.

Can you help a OG whale out?



Keep on surviving…


Same situation here, I got a few supreme bags. Not ideal but better than $75





Sorry. I’m not laughing at you or what you said. It’s just that we was saying the same thing during the Premium Carl event.


It’s a premium event. Just like how hunter, carl, etc. have been.


How much are the specials to buy?considering it but wondering if it is expensive as carl was?


I agree but the Carl event made sense because you bought the items and traded them in for the exact right amount. Purchasing an item and having 200 left over just doesn’t seem like then planned it out right.


this event is setup the same exact way that carls first run was setup. you can technically get through without finishing the entire collection. his second run you HAD to finish all of collection #3. carls going rate was between 250-300 dollars. some lucked out and paid less, some not so lucky and paid little bit more. theres no timer here so not exactly sure what the time frame is either.


Carl’s offer was clearly laid out and the purchases were available to buy. I have nothing in my offers to purchase to finish the 100 sheets. I don’t even have a sheet offer at all which is why I am asking if they screwed up with the breakdown. If you remember correctly the original Carl offer they gave everyone like 10 items to help.complete his collection because there was NO way to complete it otherwise.


Also I don’t think it is too much to ask for Scopely to let us know if collection items in the museum will be made available in different events, offers, or just raids.


It would be like them posting the pull odds.


Thanks. Finally got some supreme bags to buy.


if i remember correctly they gave items to get you started on betas collection. i didnt buy anything…yet but already completed his first collection. buying that special offer will already complete his second collection. i bought carl day one and the layout is pretty much the same with a few minor tweaks in a more straight forward way. this one actually seems more acessible to collect. that special offer wasnt there for carl. carl owners kinda had to power through playing the stock game between bags and offers to find the best possible route.


Buy each of the offers except the last one.
Collect the third collection only twice.
Buy 4 supreme boxes.

Cost is $140 USD compared to $185 USD by buying each offer. Or you can be lucky and get the 1000 bandages from the 0.5% odds.


Smart move


Beta Still Garbage af though


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