New Attack Teams & Defense Teams

Sharing my choice of Free S-Class Character & how they are now fitted into my new Attack & Defense teams. I’m always open to hear your thoughts on what you would do with the team & which you decided on. Post a pic of your team! Leave your thoughts & thanks for watching!

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Made this attack team, I have no problem taking out everyone in my region, I need to switch teams for one person but he’s in my faction, I don’t bother with my defense cause it’s complete trash lol, pretty nice teams you got there btw


Trialing this and good so far but a bit slow. Once I get 7 more kites might swap in axel.


Has been fun so far lol


These are my main teams. The bleed one is for heavy payback teams with no shield. I can attack most people no issue. Would probably replace piper on the one team for christa

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I want that dale lol

I don’t use christa on attack but this defense is 4/5 so far

Still not sure who I want lol

Side note, too bad the free Shite Class toons weren’t attack Lead toons or leads in general. I know I can’t be the only f2p hurting for attack lead toons.

I had the neutralize gov in place of christa and my team went from s9 to s10 in a day

These are my two the bleed one is amazing with my lacerators


Welcome to Carl and mirabelle 2.0, I think that’s why the green toon don’t have a leader skill or that’s all you’d see in the middle class and slums


Did you skip over michelle when she was available? Shes still an awesome attack lead

Grab camilla in league store

They should have been ranged and melee attack leads, I could do without Waste Not or CD2. It’s making team building hard, having to give up a piece to make them fit, finding it hard because F2P don’t have many toons that do multiple things well.

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No I didn’t grab her :persevere: I wish I would have. She’s really nice.

Yeah I already did lol got her as soon as she popped in.

Still would’ve been a lot more helpful if they gave us lead toons instead of waste not and collateral damage. But this is suck p were talking about, that would’ve been too obvious and helpful so of course that was out of the question :joy:

When James is maxed that CD will be taking out entire teams of 6’s in just 2 basic attacks.

I know they are about to fix it, but with collateral damage currently causing AP generation, I confused a James I faced turn 1, he hit his own teammate on their first or second turn and caused 3 of the 5 to have enough AP to all rush.

Even though that was disadvantageous to you, at least it must have been rather amusing!

Hilarious. It wasnt a very strong team, all Gen1 toons. I didn’t realize what happened at first when they all rushed with no command or AP weapons, then it hit me

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Man, Could you send me a video of the team bleed In action? Pls