New Ascension pools

While we wait for the list of the new peeps
Did any of you get someone new. Post below results
R. I.p to those that are trying to find out what’s new for us and got a pesky darius

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You spelt awesome wrong…


It is 7. 41 in the morning I have had my morning energy drink yet

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Also spelt shit wrong

We don’t know what the Ascension pools are yet even right now we have 0 clue who’s even new
So yes the pools are still currently shit
For now

Probably haven’t been changed too radically. Ascended an OG red Rick earlier, thinking I’d get someone cool and new. Nope

Basically Ascension pools are the toons you get from ascending 4* and 3*
Scopley have updated this today so there should be new ascendables or 4*

Uhhh no please ive been trying for eric, knowing them they took that away :sob:

They never removed someone, only adding new toons.

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Blue Dwight is certain.

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Anyone find anything good yet? Help collector gang out here please. :kissing_heart:

Well jb said earlier on discord that hell relese the list when full details
My advice to you
Ascend 3* yellows or reds or blue as Carmen devin Jeremy Dominic could be the only new toons scopely added for 4*

They were added pre update

4s Red - > 5s Red
Red Carl
Red Carl


I got a 4th green jackson

We don’t know it just says so lookout for new ascendables
Only one confirmed is Dwight (because museum)

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Probably removed Donny and Eric

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Nope checked Eric’s still in there
No need worry bout that

check your history logs we can solve this ourselves it’ll be faster
G2 zeke new ascendble in pool confirmed

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