New ascension epics


What is the next epic to be promoted @kalishane



Whatever one you have to pay for on the promo wheel…


I am wondering about the epics released on the table, some have already risen I am curious to the next on the list and


Thats my point… the remainder of the list was supposed to be released by “early 2018” … thats march 31…

Scopely has since redefined “early” to mean June 30… i predict the amount of legacy 5* ascendables to be released by march 31 to be 0. Also june 30 = 0. Legacy ascendables dont make money, after all…



I don’t know! But I imagine it will show up when I post the new characters on the forums when they’re in there!


Nah we’ll see from Vk first quit playin


Or, spend or die, keep on trying to survive.


When hell freezes over? Neato