New ascendance idea


So basically, the way my idea works is that if let’s say you have a maxed out 5 star who isn’t ascendable but it would be nice to have a 6 star of the same class (tough,fast,alert and strong) my idea is that for a few ascending coins you are able to ascend that 5 star into another five star who is the same class but ascendable.
Example: Glenn “safety behind bars” —> the governor or Morgan ----> Garrett etc.


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking some time ago! But that would be an easy way to get pretty good legendaries which Scopely would rather have you spend a ton of money on than max out some random 5*. Sure, they can limit that to some pretty bad legendaries, but as this recent Harlan offer shows, the only thing that Scopely will consider is ridiculous things such as that, no cool ideas from players or other things that discourage money money money spending!


Harlan’s an alright toon(works in my team quite well)but not £100 tho


Funny how Carl and mira are $5 but Harlan $100 and they did barker I think for $100 twice what upside down world is this


I know, right? I think they believe that their success in luring players over to buy those two will somehow get them to pay $100 for a much worse deal. And why throw in all that gear and whatnot? Give him and only him away for 5-10 bucks and maybe the big fish will start biting.


10725 in gold or Harlan pretty easy decision if your spending $100


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