New ascendables :)

Hey Scopely and the ‘Do’ers’… I was wondering if we could have some of the older 5 stars made available for ascension? Or new 5 stars on the wheel. Many of us are sitting on like 400k or 500k 5* tokens and have a full roster of 5 stars we can’t do much with, so we keep holding out on hope that we can use them for newer toons. Is this possible?


So this is the 3rd thread I saw about this today…


They released 1 today

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Is it? I haven’t been on the forum today. If it’s a problem just “x” out. My bad.


Really, on the 5 star wheel?

aw poor you maybe dont live on here then

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What do you mean? I don’t.

I don’t. I just think it’s funny that we need multiple threads on 1 thing on a day that has no relevance to the topic.


I haven’t been on this forum today. And it’s relevent because I posted it. I’m thinking about it. So, it’s relevent. If it’s not for you, change the station. Put on another song buddy.

Was not even aimed at you… lmao reading reply goes a long way

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Maybe look at who I’m replying to.

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I pulled yellow rick from the 5* wheel on several occasions. He was released today. Eric, donnie, and carly can all be had through ascension. Theres also toons in the depot. I managed donny, erik, and carly on either 1st or 2nd tries of ascension. Lucky yes. But they are attainable.

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To be fair, my post wasn’t aimed at you. It was aimed to scopely buddy.

So about those ascendables lol forums off the chain tonight

I wouldn’t even care cause I have 270 medals and I got toons to ascend

Is rick in 5* recruits I got told he wasn’t in there

Thats how i obtained him. And its been since the last wheel update. So unless they took toons out without updating he should be. Too bad we dont have community managers to verify this info :joy:

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He is in pre tokens

Interesting… his picture isn’t on there (have mercy on my soul, I sat through watching the entire wheel), but knowing Scopely’s coding prowess… that fact means about jack squat.

If memory serves, a few updates back they said the update would allow them to refresh the wheels without the need to do future software updates/patches.
They gave themselves the ability to reach in and modify wheels at any time.

@JB.Scopely, @LadyGeek can either of you confirm? I’m too lazy to scour the millions of posts requesting wheel updates.