New ascendables


@kalishane can you give us an update on whos coming out. Im sure you told us there would be 6 new ascendables during this 42 day event. Are they all new characters ir exeisting? A heads up would be appreciated. Thanks


6 new ascendables?

Well Yvette Nicole Brown and Governor have been released already. We know there is the 6* Dwight we can (eventually, I assume) get plus VK have leaked “A New threat” Negan" so that’s four. Given that that makes 3 of the 5 “Lucille Force”, one would assume that Alpha and Beta would be five and six.

Oh what, you hoped for the promised widely owned existing characters to be made ascendable and not just a bunch of premier recruits? Me too :frowning:


Lmao you aint wrong. I dont think any existing ones will come out during this event. Im realy wanting gov to come up. You know the one that everyone has access to :see_no_evil:


Yeah Governor and Gator