New Ascendables from Old Toons Dilemma

I currently think that if they do create ascendable 5 * s from old toons they make them mediocre at best so no game changer at all unless you desperately need them.

Maybe some might be useful out of their specialist skill like glenn with command or governor with neutralize but we will replace them pretty soon since they are weak or even they won’t even make into our rosters like shane or eugene(to be released yet).

What would you feel if they make a significant toon like priya or blue michonne and turn into some big failure if they introduce 6 * counterpart? I do feel bad for my 2 x michonnes or other good pre-ascendance toons in my roster but might feel even worse if they screw them up with poor 6 * versions.

Considering you need 8 sacrifical toons + medals + gear to tier up + food they need to worth the effort. Wanting just purely new ascendables from old toons in not just enough to please community and it might even anger some. What are your thoughts on this issue?

Please never make Priya a 6 she is almost one anyway

why not if she will be a usable well balanced toon.

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Don’t give them ideas. Remove this thread

lol i might be giving ideas to them but i am pretty sure they are already on this path and wanted to put some light on this issue, since they are failing delivering old toons as legendary they are also not making them appealing aswell. You will ascend them if you are in need of variety of toons or lacking 6 stars. Not many of them are worthy of ascending and seems like they are made just for the sake of making some old toons as 6*s.