New Ascendable Sawyer - 5s with Neutralize

Within the recent announcent we see a new ascendable character that looks nearly identical to the OG Sawyer but can neuter your loved ones. Standard issue Scopely tactic.


yes I’m trolling



Let me troll damn it.


Thats the exact model of green swayer so its probably not a new one hopefully

But we already have a chainsaw six star

Life isn’t always fair sonny

where is this announcement ?

Yeah. And she blows chunks. I regret buying her

With designs lately they’d be better off keeping that design.
It’s a good one. Maybe just add too it as it seems there getting lazy.

Theres 14 other ascendables that could have been legacy toons EASILY.

Same color, same name. 14.

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And? Sawyer is a Legend and deserves it

Shame it’s not his yellow one.
My favourite 5* I think.

Plus I haven’t got the green one lol.

Yeah, the Yellow is also my Favorite 5* and second Favorite character in the Game, right after 4* Allen. But Sadly both a trapped in Premier :cry:

Was green sawyer a promo or something?

He was back in the day. Decent toon at the time though he was 56 ap.

It can also just be a placeholder pic and scopes has no intention to add/alter sawyer :grin:

We all want a 6* sawyer as that Chainsaw alpha was made horribly

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