New ascendable lori


Lori saw saw saw ascendance Lori and I was hoping someone could tell me all the gear you need to max her 5 star character so that I’m ready when I get her and can complete tge collection. It would really help out thanks.


8 camp stoves, 6 briefcases and 1 of each of the usual - beanie, flak, schoolbag and radio. There’s more minor pieces which I’d hope you have plenty of.


Thanks just seeing what I need I have plenty of those.


You will have roughly 72 hrs toax her to get in on that museum. Make sure you have you training grounds ready.


Of course there will be tokens for sale so if that’s how you roll, you will have longer than 72 hours…


I’ll only do it if you can buy them with coins, I did that with Maggie so I could get her before my friends did