New Armoury Spreadsheet

Following on from the recent armoury additions, I’ve created a new spreadsheet containing all the new possible outcomes from the armoury. Hopefully you’ll find it of use!

Edit: Added an image for those wanting it. (Credit to @Delfiny)

I add @Delfiny s nice spreadsheet here too //RAZ


What happens to our current weapons 3rd slot? Currently defender 3 on alert is stun when attacked, will they automatically be upgraded to the new stuff which adds focus for 2 turns as well?

Thank you !!

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They won’t be unfortunately. Stun on its own is defender level 3, stun with focus for two turns is defender level 4. Completely separate upgrades.

Edit: I was wrong sorry, ignore this post!

How about make it jpg? I don’t even have Dropbox and cannot goes though the site eveytime

Sure thing, give me 30 minutes or so


Thank you!

Okay so you upgrade your stun gun to a 5 star weapon, which unlocks the 4th slot. So if you start with your normal stun gun, can you go for raider 4 and get AP down: When attacking, a better chance to cause - 50 AP on top of already having a stun gun in 3rd slot?

This whole thing is confusing lol

You are amazing <3

You can indeed! Rock with stun & AP down in the 4th slot

Problem is it will reset if u upgraded to 5* lol you’d have to start over again

No you cant 4th slot is only for Epic Effects / AP / Base stats upgrades you can’t double up on Specials like Raider/Defender/Slayer etc…

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Actually no, whatever stats the weapon has become the 5*s base stats

It doesn’t reset you the weapon keeps all the upgrades it had on it when you upgrade it to 5* and it becomes the new default stats for it

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The downside to keep the stats is let’s say you keep the double attack in slot three for a blue weapon, you then can’t create the new double attack in the five star weapon?

Nope , you can try for the lvl 4 double attack on a 4* weapon though then take it to 5* for min maxing your total stats

So you can make a red stun gun with 35Def, 35Hp, AP att, Stun?

With the right choice of weapon and god like rng luck you can get Stun 35% Huge AP and 40% HP it’s a total of 6 Tries now


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