New arena issue

the battle ended after about 15 seconds into the fight saying time ran out:/

anyone else have this prob?

smh, now the points shown for each fight seems to be the max you can get… I win a fight in turn 3, with all member standing and i lose points compared to what is shown…

its amazing how scopely breaks so many things.

i have the same issue
turn 3 win all characters alive still getting 3-4k less than what is stated on opponent

great why put scores on the opponent at all, it seems it will grant points dependant on your bucket anyway.

@JB.Scopely your super secret best friends club explanation doesn’t explain this screw up. Why are these numbers different?

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because the game is full of bugs and they would just say anything to make us shut up.


Every time we get an update there are things in there that modify already working aspects of the game to mess them up, and new stuff that we should spend money on to stay afloat (also sometimes not working as intended),but not contain fixes for the stuff that needs to be fixed.

Most people believe in

“if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

I think Scopley’s Motto is

“if it ain’t broke, let’s see what we can do to change that”


should be more like, people will forget all the problems as long as we ignore it and create something new for people to complain about.

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