New arena feature

So this new arena feature were the game freezes, kicks you out, restarts the game and just stays on loading when you finally get back into the game, is very interesting. It’s a nice way to screw people on scores and has potential to get people to pay to retry.
Keep up the great work you do.

Also thanks for making me lose my streak so I only won 4 out of 5.


Mine has the same problem spin4eva

My gut told something was wrong, I had people with really high scores to hit first round had people with 5k start without even the multiplier yet.

I haven’t even been able to hit anyone. Just forever loading

You can batch group your tickets at 4x and 10x if you have that many … I did 4x so my first placement on leaderboard was 85k

No I only did 1 ticket entry. So normal multiplier for me.
What I’m talking about is the points people give if you win. The first round I had x3 with 5k+, lowest was 3k.
If the game hasn’t reset on my next 3 hits would have been those 5k ones that I got, that would have had the multiplier on them so 10k+

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Ahhh yea that’s trash asf man

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely can someone also explain as to why people from different leagues are all grouped together for the finals … Thats some bs big time.

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You dont even have a ticket why even click on it…

Thats a feature of champions arena.


Maaaan … Thanks. This game is so fucked … So yea feed platinum players to diamond leagues. Unreal. Im pretty sure im uninstalling this shit hole of a game.

in a fac mate arena there is 2,1k people :joy:

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Scopely- Well if the first time they didn’t spend, let’s make the pool so big, they will have no other option.


Its happened to me after doing roadmaps and redeeming anniversary tokens

Managed to get access again…and now cant get back in again.
My guess is too many people across too many servers and the game cant cope.
Once again stupid company with its stupid greed trying to get away with giving away as little as possible by putting everyone in the same arena and…its fkd up lol

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I can play all other parts of the game, but can’t get into Arenas. I hit go, then get spinning wheel of death until Error code: Mesh 100000 shows up

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Im usually good about catching stuff man they slipped that one right by me… Pitting diamond players vs platinum players. :laughing::joy::joy::joy: make sure those spenders are happy right. Pathetic. No other way to put it. Straight pathetic asf.


What do you mean “batch group”?

You can play 4 tickets at once which helps speed up the process but one downfall is if you get bad rng pts then you get it x4 and x10.

The other side of that is that as a diamond player, i might match up with 70-80% platinum players (like i did last time), ultimately getting very little points.

Two sides to every coin.