New Alpha WTF?!

Fighting enemies with 6k+ health and my 6* toons doing max 100 damage per hit… grinding away at one stage for 30 minutes.

This is NOT fun. WTF did you think?


You can thank everyone saying nightmare mode was way to easy for that. I got halfway through act 2 and decided rewards and time wasn’t worth it.


I don’t mind hard, and do like a challenge.

The challenge should not be; can your phone battery last one stage.

This is just silly.


Like I said bud, the rewards aren’t worth the time imo.


The rewards are awful if u complete the nightmare stage. Not worthy.

Rewards? There were rewards for grinding for what seemed like an hour per stage. Wow… it’s tomorrow already. Going to open stage 8 crate. Hope I get a glove or a tripod… cuz you know imma need it some day.

Wow, whinge much?
I’m almost F2p (start the arguement…now) and I got through it 6 alive every stage. Maybe 10 mins per stage for the 8 wave stages?

Enjoyed doing something a little different. And the map ran long enough I could ignore it on cam Thursday :slight_smile:


There’s a difference between challenging and time consuming. Quite honestly a 20 min long stage for a couple of gloves and boots, and an overall 2 hours long grind for just a walkie is a farce!


If you have a neutralize it’s actually pretty easy, but seriously. This isn’t fun at all. Just auto and keep hitting the same toon. Sucks.

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Not worthy of my time at all. What a joke. Now they are really gauging our activity to see how far they can take it. Thinking of takin a few months off so i can at least feel like I have some in-game options.

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The funny thing about it is, we were complaining about WALKER stages being lackluster. Then they roll out the nightmare roadmaps stages with humans and now it’s honestly like nothing we’ve seen before, well unless you’re like on level 400+ on SR or something. Honestly though, if it was 3-6 waves of walkers varying in their abilities, that would be a challenge enough.I

i beat the last level with only 5 toons, forgot to press apply to add the faction member helper. it took so much time that made me think the reward’s are not worth it. But i finished it anyways… Carl, Gleen 2 shivas and guardian zek do the trick…

I agree but good thing the rewards are trash or I might be forced through these boring stages lol

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6* Carl SR Zeke 6* Neutralizer Governor 6* Shiva and 6* Guardian Zeke.
Didn’t had any trouble with this team and Alpha/Jeremiah/Carl/RTP Negan as a 6th character. May be time consuming, that’s all.

Stopped at 7/7. It’s just torture.
Felt like crap after trying a dozen times. Had to do something productive to get my mind of picturing sticking needles under the fingernails of those trolls who had programmed this map.

Hit auto on last level and came back 10 mins later to mission complete. Not sure what the big deal is. Auto is your friend.

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Took 13 minutes to finish the last stage, and I was playing crappy and let a bunch of heals go off.

Didn’t take me 30 minutes

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Hatrz gonna hate relived #2018 :joy::joy::joy:
Yaw gonna make me quit forums its just not fun anymore going post to post…

Why does alpha have a chainsaw??? Lol wtf

3½ hrs in an infinite fight/heal battle. It was a No Contest win. Had to flee to end it. If we had made team’s of all healers like that, they would’ve been destroyed fast. These team’s in this roadmap make no sense.
Act 2 Hard Stage 7