New Alpha Roadmap

Not everyone has the toons for this roadmap…Just wondering how far everyone has gotten?

Also when the mods go live are we able to craft our stats just like the toons in this roadmap?



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Just cleared Staged 8. Very time consuming battles.
Carry Guardian 2 / Neutralizer / Reviver / Def down toons

The wording is very important regarding this roadmap, rewards don’t show that you actually get Alpha but the message in the inbox is quite vague…

I’ll run through it later just because it’s a new map, could always use another sheath


2nd part stage 3. Cannot kill aris. Got s5 team and used granades and vials. Rewards arnt worth the effort.


Cleared everything. Was time consuming but wasn’t hard for me but I imagine that newer players may not be able to finish it.

Act 2 is nightmare mode with another notch cranked. For all those that were saying that the previous Nightmare mode roadmap was easy.

Can’t wait for the Nightmare mode roadmap with special weapons!

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Not hard just very time consuming and boring imo. I like the increased difficulty but extra waves of the same toons over and over seem unecessary


So far no issues through stage 5 act 2. Running heavy green with all stuns.

Act II stage 3 - I was autoing with my farming team but realised it was too complicated.

So taking the time with S5 team (Maggie 5stars /Vincent/Blue Mich/Shiva/Confuse Glenn)

I am doing it on slow pace because i dont want to waste refil’s. But so far i beat every lvl on auto with carl team.
Carl, shiva, shiva, gleen, Carl

I agree. The rewards are crap considering the effort and energy drain.


if you get aris as last standing, it could become tough. last wave stage 8 with dual romanov can kill one hit any of your toon. so as said before bring neutralize, revive, guardian

Wasnt too bad. just time consuming. Have 4 more stages left. its a 4 day map so might as well take your time

Stage 7 last wave on hard got my my whole team killed in 3 turns think il just give this a miss altogether 2 taut weapons and aris def weapon plus there “mod” buffs give it 2 trys. To much time and effort for little or no reward.

Was like playing an old console game 10-15mins to get to the last boss killed with one hit plz insert disc 1 return to start lol


use Vincent to remove hold the line


I want to add something simple

1.If this is roadmap to promote Alpha

That’s 100% failure

One of the earliest who get killed

2.And I am not going to ascending Vincent

No matter what

3.And Rewards doesn’t worth

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It’s an easy map tbh, I’ll be able to beat the hard mode, only did up to stage 3 for now though cause lack of energy.

Got bored and stopped halfway through to tedious!

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