New Achievement Suggestion Thread


Achievements. Remember those? They’re still around, but just like faction revenge raids or non-tournament survival road, it is a feature that has long since left the minds of players. Why? Because the last time they were updated, Charlie Chaplin was still acting. While there are bigger fish to fry in terms of content to update and issues to resolve, here are some suggestions of new, updated achievements. Feel free to post your own ideas!


#= tier. Upon completing a tier, the following tier is unlocked and may be completed.
R= reward for completion of the tier listed directly above it

1: collect 100,000 museum points
R: 1,000 prestige points
2: collect 250,000 museum points
R: 2,500 prestige points
3: collect 500,000 museum points
R: 5,000 prestige points
4: collect 1,000,000 museum points
R: 10,000 prestige points
5: collect 5,000,000 museum points
R: 50,000 prestige points. Smithsonian badge.

1: ascend 5 rare characters to ultra rare
R: 10,000 ascendance tokens, 5,000 4 star tokens
2: ascend 5 ultra rare characters to elite
R: 50,000 ascendance tokens, 1,000 5 star tokens
3: ascend 1 elite character to legendary
R: 100,000 ascendance tokens, 50 legendary ascendance tokens
4: ascend 5 elite characters to legendary
R: 250,000 ascendance tokens, 300 legendary ascendance tokens
5: ascend 20 elite characters to legendary
R: 1,000,000 ascendance tokens, 1000 legendary ascendance tokens, 5 hand crank radios, 5 military watches. Ascender badge.

1: craft a weapon with at least 300 points
R: 1,000 supply points
2: craft a weapon with over 330 points
R: 2,000 supply points
3: craft a weapon with at least 360 points
R: 4,000 supply points
4: craft a weapon with at least 400 points
R: 8,000 supply points
5: craft a weapon with at least 430 points
R: 16,000 supply points. Full strength badge.

1: research all tier 1 upgrades for all weapon traits
R: 3 bailing wire, 3 sandpaper
2: research all tier 2 upgrades for all weapon traits
R: 3 super glue, 3 spray paint
3: research all tier 3 upgrades for all weapon traits
R: 3 polishing kits, 3 duct tape
4: research all armory component crafts
R: 5 polishing kits, 5 duct tape
5: research all armory upgrades
R: 10 polishing kits, 10 duct tape. Armory upgrader badge.

1: use salvage tokens 25 times
R: 1 world energy can
2: use salvage tokens 100 times
R: 3 world energy cans
3: use salvage tokens 250 times
R: 5 world energy cans
4: use salvage tokens 500 times
R: 10 world energy cans
5: use salvage tokens 1000 times
R: 25 world energy cans. Salvager badge.

1: complete all world map stages
R: 500 coins
2: level up all buildings to level 20 and reach maximum player level
R: 1,500 coins
3: obtain a raid win ratio of at least 10:1 with over 1000 raids
R: 4,500 coins
4: complete all non-limited-time museum collections
R: 13,500 coins
5: fully upgrade all characters in your roster, with a full roster.
R: 40,500 coins. Completionist badge.

1: obtain 1 of each currently obtainable 1 star character
R: 10 basic tokens
2: obtain 1 of each currently obtainable 2 star character
R: 5 elite tokens
3: obtain 1 of each currently obtainable 3 star character
R: 20,000 4 star tokens
4: obtain 1 of each currently obtainable 4 star character
R: 25,000 5 star tokens
5: obtain 1 of each currently obtainable 5 star character
R: 10,000 coins, 100,000 5 star tokens, 5,000 legendary ascendance medals. Collector badge.

1: win 10 raids on defense
R: 1 raid can
2: win 50 raids on defense
R: 3 raid cans
3: win 100 raids on defense
R: 5 raid cans
4: win 500 raids on defense
R: 10 raid cans
5: win 1,000 raids on defense
R: 25 raid cans. On the defense badge

1: deplete 10,000 enemy stamina in territories
R: 1 territory can
2: deplete 50,000 enemy stamina in territories
R: 3 territory cans
3: deplete 100,000 enemy stamina in territories
R: 5 territory cans
4: deplete 500,000 enemy stamina in territories
R: 10 territory cans
5: deplete 1,000,000 enemy stamina in territories
R: 25 territory cans. Territorial badge.

1: complete bronze survival road
R: 1 survival road can
2: complete silver survival road
R: 3 survival road cans
3: complete gold survival road
R: 5 survival road cans
4: complete elite survival road
R: 10 survival road cans
5: complete level 250 of legendary survival road
R: 25 survival road cans. Roadie badge.

1: create a faction
R: 1 war can
2: have 30 members in the faction you created
R: 3 war cans
3: have your faction rank in the top 10 in a war
R: 5 war cans
4: have your faction rank first place in a regional war.
R: 10 war cans
5: have your faction rank first place in a cross-regional War
R: 25 war cans. Leader badge.

1: lock and unlock a roster character
R: trainer Burt
2: hold-select all weapons of a certain type for deconstruction
R: 2 trainer Burts
3: sell a weapon or character to the supply depot
R: 3 trainer burts
4: convert a building to another type of building
R: 4 trainer Burts
5: sell battle items or gear
R: 5 trainer burts. Feature finder badge.


Great suggestions


yea so many different thing in here to be implemented into game


I can’t really come up with any ideas for actual new achievements but I did think of a way to spice up the titles you earn. Right now it’s just an icon on your profile. What if every title activates a different border around your leader in a similar way that patient zero players have blood splatter on their profile?

I mean please do the hundreds of other more important things first but that would be cool eventually. :grin:


Switchable borders that coincide with titles you earn? Switch titles and the border changes?

And OP, well thought out suggestions. I like it.


The title would earned and unlock a matching border but they could be used separately. So you can have the patient zero splatter while under the title of “True Soldier” like you do now or have a bandolier of bullets as a border while under the title “Rebuilder”.


Is there a defend achievment? ( so many raid defends/war defends)
Use the stars for achievments as well