New accounts maxed out?


I’m just curious how one gets to level 105 with 0 raids never been hit in a raid and maxed toons and active skills on a brand new account? @kalishane






Pics or it diddn´t happend


It happens under your eyes and scopely does nothing to fix the problem. Cheating is welcomed in this game


just an example on Glasgow(es) region under 3 months and there you have a maxed 6*


Money balling weeklong ceasefires like a chump, or gets raided and doesnt say.

Raids on defense dont count to your record.


Which level is it?


Lvl 105 I think


He used hacks to level up to 105,otherwise he would have more prestige points, and that carl maxed… Speaks for itself.


Yeah you can definitely hit the level 100 mark without high prestige but there is no way you could have a fully maxed 6 star without spending.


Lol, I reached level 110 in one month😂




Did the pic post? It looks weird on my end




This is what OP is trying to post


Prestige 13. Seems very doable


Yep. OG player with a new account. Raiding means nothing so why bother. Plus, it makes the rest of the region talk about who the new mystery player is. Fun.


You have to raid at least once to ever show up for other people to raid you.


Why did you blur out Tripp’s eyes :rofl: