New account in lewis?

Hey guys. I downloaded the game on a new phone. As i have 2 now. I want to play with fresh account on the other one. But in started me in a region called Lewis. There is no option to join other regions. Do i have to be a certain level to join other regions? Because it’s only showing Lewis.

Did you connect the account on your old device to Facebook?

Oh wait, never mind, I misread. You have to go through the tutorial. After that you should have a free region transfer key available

Nope. I’m level 16 now. Went through the tutorial and everything. It’s still not available. Lol

Maybe because region transfers is active rn. Dunno, sorry. Used to work that way

That’s what they do with new regions now. They keep them under lock and key for a few months.

Lewis is one of them new locked in regions. You just gotta stay there and build your account til they open the region.

Try to keep resetting your device till you land in a unlocked region