New 6* yes or no....?

So are we getting a f2p 5* to go to 6* today?!?!?!?

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off course not…

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Well Kalishane said there will be one

Since when Kalishane is telling the truth?


Good point

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how many times we heard promises and hyped up stuff, only to get ultimate flopped…


Only thing I believe is what I see.
Everything else is just false advertisement !!!


Well see in 2 hours. Usually everything is updated at 1p.m. est

Hi, you must be new, when it comes to Scopely think smoke and mirrors. Nothing in the history of this company has ever shown to equal the words “honest” or “trustworthy”.


It was never said there would be a new ascendable today. The hopefuls ran with hints and winks. Soon…very soon.

It’s Glen. VK says so.


It is Glenn, prepare yourselves.

She hinted twice. She did not say it.

Anyway, Glen is being released shortly in a stash. Just confirmed.

Except you are not saying everything. She could have been saying “I hope it does not change” to another part of the post she replied to. Where is the SS saying “like tomorrow”. Like I said…the hopefuls ran with it. She did not deny it. I’ll give you that.

It’s Glenn, VK confirmed. But not till Sunday.

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How do you see that? This is how it appears to me.

Just click on the blurred words

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Well son of a…my apologies. She did say it. I didn’t see the blur until the SS above was posted. My bad.

Wonder how many new threads announcing it will be Glenn will be created…

Already at 2.

Over / under 5

Place your bets

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Need to add more words to reply