New 6* wheel and tokens for them

Why don’t we have a 6* token wheel yet? Even if it’s 5* ascendables and 6* only it would give us a good prize to fight for since it appears the days of characters for rewards is not returning.


Rng boxes with skewed odds are where’s it’s at from Scopelys point of view.

But yes I would love a 6* wheel…it’s about time.

We’re lucky to even have event wheels.

There will be a 6* wheel when Scopely introdcues 7* and all the 6* are basically garbage and a waste of roster space - like our 5*.


I agree we need a 5* ascendable wheel/6* there is no reason we don’t have one of these yet if nothing else they could retro fit the prestige wheel or the 5* wheel we have now

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